Bosworth, 22nd August, 1485 (1 or 2 Days)

Bosworth decided the outcome of the Wars of the Roses; the clash between the Houses of York & Lancaster for the throne of England. Henry Tudor had inherited the Lancastrian claim following the deaths of Henry VI & his son in the aftermath of the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. In August, 1485 he decided to force the issue against the unpopular Richard III. Landing at Milford Haven, Henry marched into England, gathering troops as he went. Richard’s army met him near Market Bosworth.

Thomas, Lord Stanley & his brother Sir William Stanley nominally supported Richard but they watched & waited as the battle unfolded. The key moment came when Richard & a small party of knights became isolated from the main body of their army as they attempted to attack & kill Henry. The Stanleys now played their hand, coming to Henry’s aid. Richard was surrounded & slain on the battlefield. The Tudor Age had begun.


Bosworth, 1485: Suggested ItinerariesBosworth: Richard_III's_Well_Photograph_by_Rodney_Burton

One-Day Tour includes:
Local pick-up & travel to visit:
Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre (& lunch opportunity)
Bosworth Battlefield Trail & Guided Walk
Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester
Richard III’s New Tomb at Leicester Cathedral
Depart from Leicester & return to drop-off point(s)


Two-Day Tour includes:Bosworth: Richard_III's_Tomb_Photograph_by_Isananni
Day 1: Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, Battlefield Trail & Guided Walk & visits in Leicester as above
Overnight in Warwick on B&B basis
Day 2: Visit to Warwick Castle including exhibition on Warwick the Kingmaker; Trebuchet & Castle Tour
Depart from Warwick Castle & return to drop-off point(s)


Optional Visit:
Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick


One-day tours are suitable for groups located up to 120 miles from Bosworth. Two-day tours are more suitable for groups located between 120 & 200 miles from Bosworth. Longer tours can be arranged for groups that are further away. Local pick-up & return times will be dependent upon your group’s location.



All prices based on 40 paying passengers plus 2 free places. Quotations available for smaller groups between 20 & 39.

1-day tours from £65 per person 2-day tours from £135 per person


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