Cadets (UOTCs, ACFs & CCFs)

Galina’s battlefield tours for University Officer Cadet Corps, Army & Combined Cadet Forces examine the role of Britain’s armed forces in two world wars, considering the nature of conflict and the importance of qualities such as courage, perseverance, resourcefulness and responsibility.  The tours will also highlight the role of leadership and the value of discipline, training and morale.  Finally, they will enhance an appreciation of concepts such as duty, good citizenship and service to the community. Click here for prices

Cadet Tours via DoverVimy Ridge Reconstructed Trenches (Cadet Page)

Cadet Tours via Hull or Portsmouth

Topics Covered

The battles selected illustrate a range of different types of military operation such as siege (Ypres, Messines, Vimy); attacking or defending a fortified line (Somme, Passchendaele, Cambrai, Hindenburg Line); blitzkrieg (Dunkirk); seaborne assault,
deception and air control (Normandy) and
air assault (Arnhem).   Topics include:

  • An overview of the conflictArnhem Commemorative Service Oosterbeek (Cadet Page)
  • Grand strategy & strategy
  • Operations & tactics
  • Terrain & weather
  • Role of logistics in operational planning
  • The chain of command
  • Training, discipline & experience
  • The Principles of War: an outline
  • Different styles of leadership
  • Different types of warfare
  • Pilgrimage & remembrance

Prices & Further Details 

All tours include a Tour Guide, local pick-up, coach, ferry, full-board accommodation abroad and museum entrance fees as well as battlefield tour notes & maps.

Click here for group accommodation in Belgium & Northern France.

Click here for group accommodation on Arnhem tours.

Click here for group accommodation in Normandy.

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Booking Form

If you decide to travel with us, please complete a booking form and return it together with your deposit to our address in Chester.  Our terms and conditions are available on the website (see footer below).

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