Castles of Edward I (North Wales: 1 or 2 days)

The castles built by Edward I in North Wales constituted the most ambitious & expensive military engineering project of the Middle Ages. Edward had fought two very expensive campaigns against the Welsh between 1277 & 1282. His “Iron Ring” of castles at Conwy, Harlech, Caernarfon & Beaumaris was designed to quell future opposition to English rule. The castles could be resupplied by sea & they were all supported by a walled township of English settlers.

Edward consolidated English military & political authority in Wales but the huge burden placed on the royal finances forced Edward to summon what became known as the “Model Parliament” of 1295.

Castles of Edward I: Suggested Castels of Edward I: Conwy_CastleItineraries

One-Day Tour includes:
Local pick-up & travel to North Wales to visit:
Conwy Castle: the first of the “big four” castles to be built
Lunch period in Caernarfon
Caernarfon Castle: built as the administrative centre of the newly-conquered principality
Depart from Caernarfon & return to drop-off point(s)


Two-Day Tour includes:
Day 1: Visits to Conwy & Caernarfon Castles as aboveCastles of Edward I: Caernarfon_Castle
Overnight in Llandudno on B&B basis.
Day 2: Morning visit to either Beaumaris or Harlech Castle
Afternoon free in Llandudno (or see alternatives below)
Depart North Wales & return to drop-off point(s)


Alternative Visits:
Snowdon Mountain Railway
Great Orme Copper Mines
Afternoon in Chester


One-day tours are suitable for groups located up to 120 miles from North Wales. Two-day tours are more suitable for groups located between 120 & 200 miles from North Wales. Longer tours can be arranged for groups that are further away. Local pick-up & return times will be dependent upon your group’s location.


All prices based on 40 paying clients plus 2 free places. Quotations available for groups between 20 & 39.

1-day tours from £59 per person 2-day tours from £135 per person

Further Details

All tours include a Tour Guide, local pick-up, coach and B&B accommodation as well as entrance fees, tour notes and maps. For further information or to obtain a free quotation, contact our office on 01244 340 777 or email or complete an Enquiry Form.

Making a Booking

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Castles of Edward I: Useful Links

Click on the links below for information about these locations:

Conwy Caernarfon  Beaumaris  Harlech

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