Military List- Galina Clients

The Military list of Galina clients below have all travelled with Galina. For ease of reference we have divided them into the following categories: Normandy Veterans’ Association Branches, Parachute Regimental Association Branches, Other Groups, Associations & Organisations, British Army & Territorial Army Groups, University Officer Training Corps,  Cadet Groups, Western Front Association Branches & Dunkirk Veterans’ Association Branches


If you are a member of a group or association and would like a quotation for a tour please telephone 01244 340777 or email for a prompt & detailed response.


Normandy Veterans’ Association Branches

Barking & Dagenham
Bury St Edmunds
Devon & Cornwall
Nova Scotia
South Devon
South East (Dartford)
South Wales (Cardiff)
St Albans
West Wales
Wirral & Chester

 Parachute Regimental Association Branches

East Riding
Eltham & Chislehurst
Ilford 84
Medway & Gravesend

Other Groups, Associations & Organisations

Army Benovolent Fund, East Ches Appeal
Army Mgt Consultancy Services, FASC Camberley
Battle Historical Association, East Sussex
BBC Television Look North Leeds
BBC Wales
BBC Radio Humberside
Bemrose School PTA, Derby
Birmingham University Continuing Education Dept.
British Airways Pilots (Heathrow Pals)
Central Flying School (Helicopters) Squadron
Chester College, Military Studies Dept
Creghagh RBL, Northern Ireland
Churchill Flute Band, Londonderry
Corps of Drums, Co Armagh
County Tyrone Orange Lodge
Friends of the Green Howards
Friends of the Queens Lancashire Museum
Friends of Wood Green School, Wednesbury
Gallipoli Association
Greater Manchester Police (Ashton)
Guild of Air Pilots & Navigators
Harpenden Pipe Band
Hull University, Friends of Bryn Mawr Jones Library
Humberside University
International Police Federation (Kent)
Institute of Civil Engineers (S E Branch)
King Edward VI Staff, Nuneaton
Middlesbrough Evening Gazette
Napoleonic Association
Old Bristolians
Omagh District Orange Cultural Association
Round Tower, Belfast
St Anne’s Church Group, Liverpool
St Peter’s Boys Brigade, Chorley
South East Civil Engineers Association, Beckenham
Suffolk RBL County Association
Tewkesbury School Parent Teacher Association
Tonbridge Scout & Guide Band
The Ulster Society
The Ulster Defence Regiment

British Army & Territorial Army Groups

1 Bn, Cheshire Regiment
1 Bn, Prince of Wales Own Regt of Yorkshire
1 Bn, Light Div, ITC, Catterick
1 Plt, COMD, Q Company, SEME, Bordon
1 Bn, Staffs Regt, LAD REME, Tidworth
1 Bn, C Coy, RIR, Canterbury
1 Bn, PWRR (A Coy) Tidworth
1 Petroleum Sqn RLC (V) Andover
1 Bn, RIR (C Coy), Canterbury
2 Bn, 1 Plt, POW Div, Catterick
2 Bn, RIR, Belfast
2 Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
2 Plt (POW) ITC, Catterick
3 Bn, Black Watch
3 Bn, PWRR, B Coy, Brighton
3 Royal Tank Regiment
3 RIR, D Coy
3 Plt, King’s Div, ITC, Catterick
4 Bn HQ, REME, Bordon
4 Plt, Light Div, ITC, Catterick
4 Plt, Queen’s Div, ITC, Catterick
4 Plt, Scots Div, ITC, Catterick
4 RIR, Omagh
4 Regt RA, Germany
5 Bn, REME, Catterick
5 Plt, Light Div, ITC, Catterick
6 Plt, Queens Div, ITC, Catterick
6 Bn, REME, Tidworth
7 Para RHA, Colchester
7 Bn, REME
8 Infantry Brigade HQ & Sig Sqn, Londonderry
8 Plt, Prince of Wales Div, ITC Catterick
9 Plt, Prince of Wales Div, ITC, Catterick
9 Field Workshop, 6 Bn, REME
9 Para RE, Woodbridge
13 Squadron, 42 Engineering Regt
14 Geographic Sqn R Engineers, Monchengladbach
17 Port & Maritime Regt, Southampton
21 Geo. Survey Sqn., Abingdon Dalton
21 Royal Engineers, ACF
21 Sig Regt HQ Sqn (V), (Air Support), Bath
22 Engineer Regt, Perdown, Aldershot
23 Engineer Regt (Air Assault), Waterbeach
31 (HQ) Bty RA., 47 Regt RA., Emsworth
33 (Lancs & Ches) Signals Regt (V)
33 Engineer Regt (Explosive Ord Disposal), Wimbish
34 Signal Regt, Leeds
36 Signal Regt, Colchester
36 Signal Sqn., (V) Ilford
39 Engineer Regt Wksp REME, Waterbeach
39 Signal Sqn., LAD REME
39 Brigade, Liverpool
40 Regt RA., Thirsk
41 (PLK) Signal Sqn (V) Coulsdon
41 Princess Louise’s, Kensington Signal Sqn (V)
42 Engineer Regt, (Geo) 13 Sqn Thatcham
42 Engineer Regt, (Geo) 16 Sqn Thatcham
42 Commando Mortar Troop, Plymouth
43 Bty (Lloyds Co) 47 Sqn RA, Thorney Island
44 Squadron, RLC, Camberley
45 Close Support, Gutersloh
47 AD Squadron, RAF Lyneham
47 Regt RA, Thorney Island
51 (Scottish) Bde, RTC, Edinburgh
54 (E Anglian) Sig Sqn (V) Cambridge
58 Signal Sqn (V) Newcastle, Staffs
60 Signal Sqn RBH, Aylesbury
63 Signal Squadron, Thorney Island
67 (QOWWY) Sig Sqn (V), Stratford upon Avon
70 Aircraft Wksps, Middle Wallop
76 Bde, 2 Close Support Regiment, Gutersloh
78 Air Training Corps
80 (Cheshire Yeomanry) Signal Sqn, Runcorn
96 Signal Sqn (V), Coventry
101 Bn (126 Port & Reclam) REME (V) Coventry
106 (W Riding) Fld Sqn Air Supp (V) Sheffield
123 Combat Supplies Sqn RLC Telford
103 Regiment Royal Artillery (V), St Helens
104 AD Regiment RA (V) Newport
102 Bn REME, (V) Middlesbrough
104 Pioneer Regt, (V) Middlesbrough
151 (Grtr London) Regt RLC (V)
156 (North West) Transport Regt RLC (V)
157 (Wales & Mid) RLC (V) Cardiff
157 (Wales & Mid) RLC (V) Telford
157 (Wales & Mid) RLC (V) W. Brom
158 (R Anglian) Transport RLC (V) Peterborough
201 (Northern) Field Hosp (V), Newcastle
202 (Midlands) Field Hosp (V), Shrewsbury
202 Field Hosp (V), Stoke
202 Battery RA (TA) Bury St Edmunds
203 Welsh Fld Hosp (V), Cardiff
205 (Scottish) Field Hospital
207 (Manchester) Field Hosp (V), Bury
208 (3rd W Lancs) Bty RA (V), Liverpool
210 Transport Sqn, RLC, Clapham
212 Field Hospital (V), Gosport
212 (Yorkshire) Fld Hosp (V), Nottingham
219 Transport Sqn, RLC, (V) Doncaster
224 (Pem Yeo) RLC (V)
157 Transport Carmarthen
225 Plant Sqn R Mon RE, W Mids
234 Transport Sqn RLC (V), Birkenhead
236 Transport Sqn RLC (V), Manchester
253 Provost Coy (V) 4th Regt RMP, London
254 Fld Amb (V), Cambridge
256 Fld Hosp (V), Portsmouth
306 Field Hospital, York (V)
335 Med Transport Regt., York
350 Field Sqn, (Air Support) (V), Beeston
457 (HY) Bty, 106 AD Regt, RA(V), Soton
535 STRE., 25 Eng Regt., Southampton
579 Field Sqn, Tunbridge Wells
692 (Tamara) Plt, Para Coy, Catterick
A (Fusilier) Coy, West Mids Regiment
AFV Gunnery School, Lulworth Camp
Artillery Trg. LWCTG, Germany
Artists’ Rifles (V) London
Band of the Life Guards, Windsor
B Company, Royal Welsh Regt, Swansea
Cheshire Regt, Chester
Cheshire Yeomanry
C (PWRR) Coy, Royal Rifle Vols. Portsmouth
C Coy (Devon & Dorset), Rifle Volunteers
CTC Royal Marines, Exmouth
Defence Science Tech Lab., Farnborough
DTMA, Andover
D (Staffs) Coy, West Mids Regt, Stoke
Defence NBC Centre, Salisbury
Duke of Lancasters, Liverpool
E & AM CCT, DLO, MoD, Warminster
F (RGJ) Coy, The London Regiment
Harrogate Army College
Honourable Artillery Company
HQ DLO, Bath
HQ 2 Med Bde, CVHQ, AMS, York
HQ 5th Division, G3 Training, Shrewsbury
HQ 27 RLC Travers Barracks, Aldershot
HQ SEAE, Reading
HQ Theatre Troop, Netheravon
King’s Troop, RHA
Kings Cheshires, Warrington
Korea Coy, 2 Bn, ITC, Catterick
Lowland Division
MoD HQ DLO, Warminster
Prince of Wales Royal Regt, D Coy.(V) Portsmouth
Queen’s Lancashire Regiment
Civ Eng Wing, RSME, Chatham
Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Epsom
Reserve Forces & Cadets Association, Altcar Trg
RHA, St John’s Wood Barracks
Royal Marines Reserve, City of London
RMA Sandhurst, Malay Coy
RMA Sandhurst, Waterloo Coy
Royal Welsh Regiment, Wrexham
Royal Welsh Regiment, Swansea
Royal Welch Fusiliers, Wrexham
School of Electrical & Aeronautical Eng Arborfield
School of Electrical & Aeronautical Eng Hazebrouck
West Midlands Regt Wolverhampton

University Officer Training Corps

Bristol University Air Squadron
Manchester & Salford

Cadet Groups

Belfast ACF
Cadet Training Centre, Bicester
Cleveland ACF
Dorset ACF, Dorchester
HQ Buckinghamshire Cadet Bn, RGJ
Morpeth ACF, Cramlington
South East ACF, Blackheath
Staffs & West Midlands

Western Front Association Branches


Dunkirk Veterans’ Association Branches

Chester & Wirral
Clacton & Colchester
Rhyl & District

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