Dunkirk: Operation Dynamo (3 Days)

The Dyle Plan envisaged a defence of the Maginot Line by French troops and the launching of an offensive to the north through Belgium with their mobile forces including the British Expeditionary Force. The great faith placed in the strength of the Maginot Line and the impenetrability of the Ardennes proved to be wholly misplaced as the German “Blitzkrieg” swept all before it. With the capitulation of Belgium on May 28th, 1940 the British Expeditionary Force and the French found themselves with their backs to the sea, fighting a rearguard action to hold the Germans at bay. Co-ordinated by Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey,“Operation Dynamo” was set in motion to withdraw the British Expeditionary Force and what remained of the French Army to safety. The Royal Navy and the “little ships” eventually rescued 338,000 Allied troops in what became known as the “Miracle of Dunkirk”.


Day One: Outward TravelCassel

06.00 hours (approx): Local pick-up & travel to Dover for cross-Channel ferry to Calais. Onward travel & check-in at accommodation in Dunkirk or Ypres area
Evening meal arrangements as chosen by the group


Day Two: Dunkirk

09.00 hours: Depart after breakfast to visit:
Creton Farm & Norfolk Cemetery: Le Paradis massacre
Warwicks’ Memorial at Wormhout: Esquelbeq massacre
Mount Cassel: British 2nd Division rearguard
Bergues-Furnes Canal: The perimeter at DunkirkLittle_ships
Dunkirk East Mole: Operation Dynamo
Dunkirk Museum: Artefacts from the evacuation
Dunkirk Town Cemetery & Memorial: The casualties
Bedford House Cemetery: Rearguard at Ypres
Free time in Ypres
20.00 hours: Last Post at the Menin Gate: Remembrance
Return to accommodation
Evening meal arrangements as chosen by the group


Day Three: Return

09.00 hours: Depart after breakfast for Calais &Veterans_at_Dunkirk_East_Mole_Memorial
cross-Channel ferry to UK. Disembark in Dover &
return to drop-off point


Pick-up & drop-off times are dependent upon the group’s proximity to Dover. This is a suggested itinerary & can be amended to suit the requirements of the group.


Dunkirk: Useful Links

Click on the links below for information about these locations:

Dunkirk Museum Dunkirk Memorial Itinerary via Hull
Key Sites

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