Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Galina Battlefield Tours has an environmental policy &  is committed to protecting and preserving the environment, both in the way in which the company is managed and in the way we endeavour to incorporate environmental issues into our tours. Aspects of the environment which receive particular attention include environmental legislation, energy management, use of resources and recycling.

Environmental Legislation

Galina strives to ensure that all activities carried out conform with relevant legislation. For example, all our waste is disposed of by the use of competent organisations, vehicles we contact are regularly serviced to control emissions and access for disabled persons is always considered when developing a new itinerary.

Energy Management

Galina is committed to managing energy use as efficiently as possible. For example, all our computers & other electronic devices are switched off outside office hours, screens and CPU’s are set to hibernate if left idle for a period of time and all electric hand-dryers are operated automatically to conserve energy.

Use of Resources

Galina aims to use resources in the most environmentally effective manner and wherever possible, to use recycled materials and/or environmentally friendly products. In circumstances where recycled products are more expensive or the cost of recycling are more than any income received, then Galina must consider the financial implications. In circumstances where there is no additional cost then the company will seek to purchase the more environmentally friendly products and re-use or recycle waste.


The use of new technology, such as email, should reduce paper consumption and the environmental damage incurred by traditional mail delivery. Galina does not produce a brochure as we consider this to be wasteful and environmentally unsound. Efforts will be made, wherever possible, to re-use waste and obsolete equipment.

Carbon Offsetting

Unfortunately, all modes of transport produce CO2 emissions which are believed to cause climate change. Coach travel is, however, one of the greenest travel options with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre of any mode of transport. The amount of CO2 produced by your group whilst on tour can be calculated by visiting the Transport Direct website. The amount of CO2 produced by your tour can be calculated by visiting: www.transportdirect.info and accessing the “tips & tools” section.

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