Hastings, 14th October, 1066 (1 or 2 Days)

Hastings was a battle that involved perhaps no more than 15,000 men, lasted a little over nine hours yet irrevocably changed the future of England. By nightfall on the 14th October, 1066, Anglo-Saxon rule had come to an abrupt & bloody end. William, the bastard Duke of Normandy, had become William the Conqueror. His opponent, Harold Godwinson & a large proportion of the Anglo-Saxon nobility lay dead on the field. In effect, an entire political, economic & social order had been decapitated.

Hastings also marked the dawn of a new age of warfare. The shield-wall had had its day. The mounted knight now came to dominate the battlefield for the next 250 years.

Hastings, 1066: Suggested ItinerariesBayeux_Tapestry_Death_of_King_Harold

One-Day Tour includes:
Local pick-up & travel to the south coast to visit:
Pevensey Bay
The battlefield at Hasting including Caldbec & Senlac Hills
Hastings Visitor Centre & Battle Abbey
Lunch period in/near Hastings
Hastings Castle; the first Norman castle in England
Depart from Hasting & return to drop-off point(s)


Two-Day Tour includes:Hastings-Re-enactment
Day 1: Hastings Visitor Centre, battlefield & Battle Abbey as above. Overnight in/near Hastings on B&B basis.
Day 2: Morning at leisure in Eastbourne followed by
a visit to the Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum
Depart from Eastbourne & return to drop-off point(s)


Alternative Visits:
Arundel Castle


One-day tours are suitable for groups located up to 120 miles from Hastings. Two-day tours are more suitable for groups located between 120 & 240 miles from Hastings. Longer tours can be arranged for groups that are further away. Local pick-up & return times will be dependent upon your group’s location.


All prices based on 40 paying passengers plus 2 free places. Quotations available for smaller groups between 20 & 39.

1-day tours from £65 per person 2-day tours from £135 per person

Further Details

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Hastings: Useful Links

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