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Galina International Study Tours Ltd provides schoolArc de Triomphe trips to schools and colleges throughout the UK. Galina strives to bring quality educational tours to Britain’s secondary and tertiary educational sectors. To achieve this Galina has adopted a policy of employing highly-qualified individuals to work at its head office; currently the workforce employed has 8 bachelor degrees (one from Oxford and one with a first class honours degree in French and German), 7 masters degrees (one a distinction from Liverpool University and one an MBA) and two PhD’s, one in English and one in History, additionally the staff have 4 PGCE qualifications and employ 3 ex-heads of department.

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The company’s accreditations include the following:

Why organize a school tour abroad?

  • It improves and benefits your students’
  • It improves their understanding of your subject and motivation.
  • It enhances your standing in the eyes of pupils who see you as someone willing to give up their free time and who cares about their education.
  • It is an opportunity to make an indelible and memorable contribution to your students’ education; one that they will remember forever.

Why choose a tour operator?Millenium Bridge & St Paul's Cathedral

      • Reputable companies have public liability insurance (often for up to £10,000,000) which will far exceed protection offered by your school’s policy.
      • All aspects of your tour organization will be taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on the task of collecting bookings.
      • Given the purchasing power of a reputable and long-established schools tour operator it is highly unlikely that an individual could operate a tour at less than the price we quote.

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